Reducing waste and rework by producing to customer requirements.


Producing consistent products that exceed customer expectations.


Faster deliveries, better market responsiveness.

True North Tube, Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of Fence Structure Tubing, Fire Sprinkler Pipe, and Structural Tubing.  We offer custom products with quick deliveries to get you what you need, when you need it.


True North Tube strives to produce tubing to the highest quality so you may rest easy using them in your applications time after time.


We are moving forward. We are developing new processes and testing new materials to bring you leading edge products with the utmost value as we incorporate end users needs during development.


Safety is always number one. In all our operations and procedures, we take pre-emptive actions in our safety program to keep our workers, suppliers, and anyone that comes on site safe.

Environment & Sustainability

We at True North Tube are conscious of our effect on the environment. We have a recycling program for our by-products. Our position as a domestic producer reduces the distance to end use.  We are actively developing new programs to minimize impact and keep the future green for the future generations.